Fereydoun Farrokhzad
Singers Blood

A story that must be told! The feature length documetary tells the story of the rise and fall of Fereydoun Farrokhzad which mirrors the tragedy of the Iranian people and their revolution. The narrative weaves his abundant life into a secret service thriller, that leads to his unresolved murder in Germany.

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Bonn, Germany, August 3rd 1992: Fereydoun Farrokhzad is expecting guests. He picks them up at the train station and cooks a meal for them. The grocer remembers Mr. Farrokhzad’s purchase and describes him as somewhat unfocused and absent minded.
Two days later Fereydoun Farrokhzad is found in a pool of blood. The police report mentions that he was slaughtered in a particularly cruel way: stabbed 37 times in the mouth alone. This “signature” was well known: approximately 100 Iranian dissidents were executed in a similar fashion across Europe. The perpetrators were never found, perhaps never sought for.


Fereydoun was a superstar in pre-revolutionary Iran during the 70’s: he was a pop star and entertainer in the first and only TV show in Iran whose popularity emptied the streets.

His fate exemplifies the drama of the Iranian revolution that cast a shadow over Iranians in the whole world. The story of his life reads like a social novel and a spy novel. Today, his huge community of fans is as global as the Iranian diaspora. His career started in Munich, took him back to Iran, catapulted him to the USA and ended in a pool of blood in Bonn.
His life leaves many questions unanswered:
Why did the charming celebrity invite his killers for dinner?

Fereydoun's "Shargie e Ghamghin"
performed by people arround the world:
A touching mash-up video

The recent Arab Spring movements started out as an uprising against a despot and then had to struggle with an imminent Islamist takeover. The same dynamic was behind the Iranian revolution of 1979 which precipitated a worldwide diaspora of both supporters of the Shah as well as revolutionaries. The origin of a worldwide Iranian diaspora, which lives with this trauma till this day.
This pattern marked Fereydoun in a particularly cruel way: it was the deconstruction of a brilliant pop star: first political, then psychological and at the end physical.
It was this murder that made him immortal: Fereydoun Farrokhzad continues to be idolized by Iranians all over the world.


We founded DENKmal–Film Production (translates “Think Twice”) in 1977.
We made nearly 100 films since then. All 20 feature length films for cinema (fiction and documentaries) were shown at important international festivals and none got less than one award!
In 1996 we entered the int. film market with BLUE EYED about Jane Elliot (nominated for Academy award). Since then, our films cover social, political, ecological and philosophical subjects that need to be discussed globally. Every film has its very own and new artistic approach.




Eight years ago I met Hossein Mansouri by incident.
At a little event he showed one of the most impressive documentaries ever made: THE HOUSE IS BLACK by Forough Farrokhzad. He also recited her unique poems. I was really blown away. Till then I hadn’t heard of the most important poetess of Iran. And nobody knew, that this man reciting her poems was her adopted son.
But I had a hunch there was a background story… That was the origin of our movie MOON SUN FLOWER GAME.
It became a "true fairy tale" telling the life of this great poetess seen through the eyes of the child she adopted in the leprosarium of Bababaghi.  The film screened at many festivals all over the world.
But I should get involved deeper.
We visited the Farrokhzad family in Tehran for research purposes. At the very first evening Mehrdad Farrokhzad showed me a postcard Forough wrote to a friend in 1958  when she was studying in Munich for a short time. The address she wrote from – IS MY ADDRESS since 35 years!

As a student she was living in the same apartment I'm living now. And I had to go to Tehran to learn this.
It was the same visit in Tehran, when I learned about the unbelievable fate of her brother Fereydoun.

For six years I thought: well this is the plot for a really great Hollywood like feature film. But a fictional, historical movie in Iran ... I didn't dare. (Obviously nobody else did either).
It was the brilliant SEARCHING FOR SUGARMAN that ignited the revelation:          

With the participation of Fereydoun's friends, companions, musicians and family we tell the story of his abundant and torn live. These stories are accompanied by great stock footage, especially that of our friend Percy Adlon who created a marvelous portrait of Fereydoun in Theran of 1976.
Unsung incidents will be animated as graphic novels. In particular we'll investigate the secrets of his murder and the question why it remained unsolved until today.


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